10 Best Dado Blade Sets for Table Saw [2024]

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Oshlun Tooth Stack is the best dado blade set that you can buy for a table saw. Read in detail below

Dado blades are one of the most important things to have for a table saw. They are considered essential to be there in every carpenter’s tools store because they determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the work done by any worker.

While buying the ideal set of dado blades, one has to check several things to avoid any regrets in the future.

The durability, blades, shims, arbor size, suitable holders or saws, chippers, number of teeth, the precision of cuts and grooves, and the nature of the material used by the manufacturer are some of the most important things to be considered before investing some hefty amount in buying any dado toolset.

Quick Shopping Tips

When choosing a dado blade, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Blade diameter: The diameter of the dado blade will determine the width of the dado it can cut. Make sure to choose a blade that is compatible with your saw.
  2. Tooth count: A blade with more teeth will produce a smoother cut, but will also require more power to run. A blade with fewer teeth will cut faster but may leave a rougher finish.
  3. Blade thickness: The thickness of the blade will determine how deep the dado it can cut. Thicker blades can cut deeper dadoes, but may also require more power to run.
  4. Kerf width: The kerf is the width of the material removed by the blade. A wider kerf will remove more material, but will also require more power to run.
  5. Blade quality: Choose a blade that is made of high-quality materials and has been heat-treated to ensure durability and long life.
  6. Compatibility: Make sure to choose a dado blade that is compatible with your saw and any other equipment you will be using.
  7. Price: Consider your budget when choosing a dado blade. While high-quality blades may cost more upfront, they may save you money in the long run due to their durability and long lifespan.

Top 10 Best Dado Blade Sets for Table Saw

Here, based on research and reviews, we have tried to provide you with a list of some of the highly recommended dado blades so that you may pick up the one that’s best for you and your work.

1. Oshlun Tooth Stack Dado Blades Set – Best Overall

best Dado Blades 2020 with longer life

A perfect set meant for people who want a sharp cutting dado blade at a reasonable price. The keenly designed tooth count saws and chippers facilitate smooth cutting.

The durable carbide tips remain sharp for a long time and work great on all types of hard, soft, and plywood. Full-body chippers help to perform the task with maximum ease and minimum vibrations.

The set produces small marks on the outer edges to avoid wear and tear.

  • A combination of blades helps to use a suitable blade for a suitable task.
  • Can fit perfectly at various places
  • It gives almost a perfect cut.
  • Durable, affordable and solid tool.
  • Arbor may not be suitable for all.
  • not good enough to cut a flat bottom groove.
  • shim holes size is not suitable for all.

2. Freud tacked Dado Set – Best Value

dado cutting blades  2020

One of the best budget dado sets with two blades, tree chippers, spacers, a shim set, and a carrying case has almost everything to offer.

It works quickly and rapidly to give clean and smooth splinter-free cuts. The negative hook angles and premium TiCo high-density carbide enhances the excellent performance of the set.

The silver I.C.E coating on the surface of the blades keeps the blades fresh, which reduces the chances of the set damage.

The intricately designed set is adjustable enough to fit on many of the saws and tables with ease and perfection.

  • durable, handy, and can fit in rigid bases
  • absolute accuracy and precision
  • almost no tear-out
  • easy to set up different sizes
  • does not give a perfectly flat bottom cut.
  • size of the blades and chippers may not be suitable for all.

3. DEWALT Tooth Stacked Dado for Table Saw – Best For Professionals

best dado blades for table saw

This amazing dado set is having a heavy-gauge and micro-grain carbide tooth. It has a 4-tooth chipper, a stainless steel shim, and a heavy-duty storage case. It is undoubtedly one of the best dado blades for table saw among many others. 

The collection provides is sharp and precise. It cuts without much splintering, and the fantastic chippers work best to provide almost the perfect bottom flat curves.

The stainless steel shim in the set helps to make necessary width adjustments for suitable work with much ease and perfection. Finally, the collection is well protected in the storage case to avoid tooth and blade damage.

  • almost zero-edge chipping and tear out
  • easy to set up and use
  • gives excellent, precise and clean flat bottom curves
  • compatible with rigid R4512
  • No manual with the set
  • expensive set

4. Oshlun Tooth Stack Adjustable Dado Blade Set – Affordable

dado blades for craftsman table saw

Oshlun is specially designed to provide precise, clean, and sharp cuts, this dado set is a must-have for you. The set offers micro-grain tungsten carbide tips and has full-body chippers and a shim set for desired adjustments.

The precision ground carbide tips cut whatever comes their way with ease, perfection, and precision. The set offers to produce smooth bottom cuts from small to a broader range.

The presence of full-body chippers helps to perform the task with the least vibrations and makes way for a more comfortable and sound setup. The tips stay sharp and serve you perfectly for quite a long time.

  • flexible, durable, and super adjustable
  • affordable
  • produce clean and square cuts
  • super sharp setup with variations
  • good brazing and offers minimal tearing and splintering
  • heavy structure
  • not recommended for saw tops

5. STCKD DADO Total Tools SET

cutter blades for circular saw for sharp edges

A robust set has two blades, two wing chippers, and shims. It has a carrying case that is made up of durable micro-grain titanium carbide.

The set is intricately designed to fit into 5/8 inch laser-cut arbours. The clean, precise, and accurate blade rotation offers to cut and rip the wood with excellence.

It gives splinter-free cuts and flat bottom grooves. The feature which stands this out from many others is the presence of resharpenable blades.

The PERMA-shield non-stick coating on the set keeps it safe from environmental and processing damage.

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6. Oshlun and Finger Joint Set

blades for radial arm saw

This two-piece box with a finger joint set is incredible to be out there with every woodworker. The high tooth count saws are there to produce perfect cuts with ease and perfection. This dado blade is ideal to pair with a table saw if you want perfect cuts.

The presence of fingers in two super adjustable sizes of 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch surely makes this set one of the best dado sets of all.

The finger cut size is super easy to change and takes place just with a flip of the inner and outer blades.

The durable and innovatively designed carbide tips of the set are there to work with you for a long time and to help you show your expertise on all types of wood, ranging from hard to soft and plywood.

Concluding, this set offers perfectly squared and flat bottom curves at every use.

  • easy to use
  • produces exceptionally clean cuts
  • worth their price
  • solid, durable and accurate
  • well-aligned teeth
  • size of the blades may not be suitable for all tasks
  • a bit expensive

7. Freud Safety 6-inch Dado Sets

dado blades reviews

This excellent set includes two blades, five chippers, and a shim set. It has a neat carrying case with TiCo high-density Carbide cross-cutting and silver I.C.E coating for exceptional performance and maintenance.

The set is believed to provide the desired sharp and clean splinter-free cuts, square shoulders, and quiet bottom grooves.

The micro Grain Carbide tips a sharp razor outside blades. In addition to this. it has s anti-kickback design that indeed makes it one of the promising dado blades.

Supreme quality 6 inches 18 tooth blades with 5/8 ‘’ arbour is there to provide perfect cuts.  The set is innovatively designed to ensure the safety of its users.

  • very well packaged and super sharp
  • provide clean and smooth flat bottom cuts
  • almost no production of vibration
  • show no sign of wear for a long time
  • can also be used for rabbiting
  • the cut is not perfectly flat
  • requires multiple passing for wider application

8- Freud Super Dado Sets

table saw blade total tools

This is one of the most reliable Dado blade sets for table saws that comes with two blades, six chippers, a shim set, and a fantastic carrier.

A premium carbide cross-cutting blend with silver I.C.E coating and anti-kickback design of the blades and chippers surely makes this set one of the most desired and admirable among all.

The set is recommended to work best for veneered plywood, laminate floor cutting, solid wood, etc. it comes with an accommodating and flexible dado that helps in the natural and comfortable handling and use of small wood pieces.

The set is innovatively designed to double the width of the slot and is believed to have very fine adjustments.

  • It provides sharp splinter-free cuts
  • Could be used on all table saws
  • Shim sets allow for the desired adjustments
  • The case is a bit flimsy
  • Not recommended for non-ferrous materials

9. MIBRO Carbide Stacking Dado Cutter Blades

adjustable blades for circular table saw

This MIBRO dado blade set for table saw comes with 14 pieces having two 8’’ outer blades, one 1/16’’ chipper blade, four 1/8’’ chipper blades( 5 two wing chippers), and seven metal shims for fine adjustments.

By having a slot width range from ¼’’ to 13/16’’ in 1/16’’ increments, the dado set provides smooth and precise cuts, square shoulders, and groves with the desired ease and perfection.

The sharp and well-aligned carbide teeth feature a negative hook angle to provide virtually splinter-free cuts, and a durable case helps keep it safe for quite a long time.

  • It comes with a complete instruction guide
  • A compact and durable dado set
  • Works best on 10’’ saws with suitable motor power
  • Good arbor power and length to manage and use
  • Economic and affordable
  • The proper positioning of blades requires some extra effort
  • It provides the outer corners like a little deeper than the inner area

10. Porter-Cable Adjustable Dado Blade

top dado bladed for circular table saw

This amazing dado blade set comes with 7’’ teeth having an unusual arbour size of 5/8’’ and is suitable for arbour lengths 1-3/8’’. The super cool set  7000 RPM provides precise, sharp, and clean bottom grooves in the  1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, and 13/16 widths.

This set is innovatively designed to provide the desired cuts with an adjustable wobbling blade. It works best on hardwood, softwood, plywood and composite woods, etc.

The professionally designed dado set has a great feature of excellent and easy adjustment of width with high precision and accuracy.

Also, you can check out the most compatible dado blades to be used with a Porter Cable saw

  • Easy to install, operate, and use
  • A solid, sturdy, and handy set
  • Efficient set with easy and fine width adjustments
  • It requires some expertise to adjust the width length
  • Demands some extra effort to slide some parts


Finally, we have tried to cover some of the best dado blades for the table saw in this guide. Remember, nothing is perfect in this world, and the same goes for the dado blades as well. All of them are unique and efficient in their way.

The effectiveness and efficiency of your work depend on the selection of the right set for the right job. Analyze all of them and choose the one that suits the best for you and your work as it would be the only set that could do wonders and magic for you at your workplace.

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What Are Dado Blades Used For?

Dado blades are a type of saw blade that is used to cut grooves or dados in wood. A dado is a slot or trench that is cut across the grain of the wood. Dado blades are typically used to join two pieces of wood together by creating a channel for the second piece to fit into. This creates a strong, stable joint that is commonly used in cabinet making, furniture construction, and other woodworking projects.

Dado blades consist of a series of chipper blades that are used to remove material, as well as two outer blades that make the final cuts. They can be used on a variety of different saws, including table saws, radial arm saws, and compound miter saws. Dado blades come in a range of sizes, with the width of the blade determining the width of the dado that it can cut.

In addition to cutting dados, dado blades can also be used to make other types of cuts, such as rabbets, tenons, and lap joints. They are a useful tool for any woodworker who needs to make precise, clean cuts in wood.

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Why do people prefer wobble dado blades?

Well, wobble blades are the ones that could be easily adjusted to the desired widths; that’s why people enjoy using wobble (adjustable) blades. They come with a hub to enable adjustments.

How many teeth do a dado blade have?

It depends on the different sets of dado blades you have. The number of teeth varies from 10-22 or 24 teeth. The well-aligned teeth with sharp tips are the choice of many customers.

How to choose between stacked and wobble dado blades?

Both of them have their specifications and advantages. The stacked sets are observed to be more admired among the users due to their precise results, while wobbled sets are more appreciated when you want to work on a power saw. They are also affordable and cheap to use and maintain.

How to have a blade set that works in harmony with the saw?

Always consider your saw or any supporting material you are using before buying any set of blades. The saw that could fit and fix well with the blade set will work best for you.

How to determine the size of the dado blade?

The best to determine the size of the dado blade set is to consider the work you are going to do, your capacity to handle the blade, and your expertise to use it with care and perfection.

Are Dado Blades Dangerous?

Dado blades can be dangerous if they are not used properly. They are a type of saw blade that is used to cut grooves or dado joints in wood. They have a series of chipper blades that are used to cut away material, as well as two outer blades that make the final cuts.

Because they remove a lot of material at once, they can be dangerous if they bind or kick back while in use. It is important to use caution when using a dado blade and to follow all safety instructions provided by the manufacturer.

What Size Dado Blade To Choose For A 10-Inch Table Saw?

As a general rule, you should choose a dado blade that is slightly wider than the width of the dado that you need to cut. For example, if you need to cut a 1/4-inch dado, you should choose a dado blade that is at least 5/8 inches wide. This will ensure that the dado is wide enough to accommodate the material that you are joining, but not so wide that it weakens the joint.

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