9 Best Heat Guns for Epoxy Resin in 2024

While making a perfect piece of resin art, a heat gun is a must-have tool. A good heat gun provides a bubble-free surface and finally presents a crystal-clear product. Resin art demands precision and accuracy. It needs the artist to set the required temperature with smooth heat and airflow management systems.  Finding the most suitable heat gun can be a daunting task for budding as well as seasoned resin artists.

Our Quick Comparison of Top-Picked Heat Guns for Epoxy Surfaces

Image Heat Gun/Brand Reasons to Buy Price
Genesis-heat-gun Genesis GHG1500A (Overall Best for Expoxy Crafts)
Dual Temperature Balance
Ideal for speed-drying epoxy
572F/1000F temps range
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Black-decker-heatgun Black+Decker Heat Gun
(Best Value for the Money)
Long run time
Tough build quality
Dual temps setting
Lightweight & Compact
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DEWALT DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless (Best Wireless Heat Gun for Heavy Duty Tasks) Wireless
Heavy duty operation
Dual temperature setting
42 minutes run time
LED to monitor temperature
Stand for hands-free operation
Check Price
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How to Choose a Heat Gun For Epoxy Resin?

The following things must be taken into serious consideration before buying a heat gun for epoxy crafts:

  • Nature of Your Project: Make sure to buy a heat gun that is compatible with the nature of a project. When dealing with painting or wax, a heat gun with a temperature range between 200F to 400F can get your job done. However, in the case of epoxy resin, you’ll need a heat gun that has a maximum temperature range of up to 700F.
  • Temperature Range: This makes the whole difference because you will need high temperatures to melt epoxy in order to get rid of bubbles on the surface. An optimal heat gun comes with a temperature range between 200F to 700F. However, for large projects, you may have to consider a heat gun with a 750F to 1000F temperature range.
  • Airflow: The airflow speed which is particularly measured in CFM decides how much air the fan inside the heat gun will throw on the targeted surface.
  • Runtime: You really don’t need a heat gun that stops working after running for a few seconds. Some heat guns automatically turn off after a short time while others can maintain the heat for a long time. Removing bubbles on an epoxy craft requires you to have a heat gun that can at least keep running until your work is done.
  • Versatility: Heat guns (capable of caulking, thawing, stripping, and melting) that can get multiple jobs done are always a good option. It’s always better to look for a heat gun that comes with different airflow settings.
  • Wired or Cordless: You can never go wrong with cordless heat guns (in case you don’t want the headache of extension cables etc). But having a wired or wireless heat gun is your own personal preference at this point. Normally, with a wired heat gun you don’t have to worry about your battery running out. If you opt for a wireless heat gun, then make sure it comes with a long-lasting battery.

The Best Heat for Epoxy Resin to Prevent Bubbles

Here are some reliable options to consider:

1. Genesis GHG1500A Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit: Overall Best Pick

best heat gun for Epoxy resin

This sturdy heat gun comes with two deflector nozzles, a reflector nozzle, and an air reduction nozzle. It is brilliantly designed to enable dual temperature balance. The high and low-temperature setting feature adds versatility to this most loved heat gun.

The solid deflecting nozzle provides an excellent base against the glass and other surfaces.  Its reflector nozzle regulates the thawing of pipes. An air reduction nozzle assists in the concentration of heat.

Genesis heat gun image by test user

 Also, the package includes a 3-position rocker-type switch. These improvised switches enable better control over high, low, and zero temperatures. This heat gun has a powerful motor of 12.5 Amp. Its output ranges between 750/1500 watts.


  • Dual temperature balance
  • Highly recommended for speed-drying epoxy, cement, and other damp surfaces
  • Suitable for softening caulking, stripping paint, etc.
  • Easy to handle
  • Budget-friendly


  • Produces an irritating smell
  • Liable to emit smoke

2. BLACK+DECKER Heat Gun: Best Value for the Money

Black Decker gun for epoxy

This barrel-styled beast comes in bright orange/black color. It has a dual temperature control system that enables users to operate it at varying degrees (750 to 1000 degrees F). The amazing gun has a sturdy built-in stand that enables operators to handle the tool with exceptional ease and perfection.

Black Decker real test image

A tri-positioned handle provides much-needed comfort and solid grip during applications.  The intricately designed corded structure adds more depth to the versatility of this tool by providing the desired runtime. It is super light on hands and reduces every possibility of muscle fatigue.

The tool is reported to produce the best results when used for quick drying materials and surfaces, stripping paint and varnish, freeing nuts and bolts, against frozen pipes, etc.


  • Dual temperature management system
  • Sturdy built-in stand
  • Exceptional run time
  • Smaller, quieter, and solid


  • Strong burning smell (sometimes)

3. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Heat Gun: High-End Cordless Heat Gun for Epoxy Resin

DeWALT heat gun

DeWALT lives up to expectations and sometimes passes the benchmark when it comes to delivering a beast of a tool. This cordless heat gun provides up to 990 degrees Fahrenheit (532 degree Celsius).

The supremely powerful temperature output is one of the many reasons that easily set the said heat gun above the rest of the competitors.

This sturdy tool claims exceptional (42 minutes) runtime per charge. It allows considerable airflow and has 6.7 CFM. The intricately designed lock-off button provides the desired ease and enables workers to carry on their projects tirelessly.

real user image Amazon

It has a specially designed lock-off trigger as well. This feature facilitates smooth manual operation. The tool is easy to use in dark and tight spaces due to the inclusion of LED footlights. It increases visibility in light-compromised areas and ensures smooth and accurate functioning.


  • Provides maximum required temperature
  • Lock-on and lock-off mechanisms
  • LED footlight
  • Reasonable run time per charge and CFM
  • Cordless and highly recommended for dark and tight spaces


  • Delivers less heat than corded heat guns

4. Wagner Spraytech Heat Gun: Price to Performance Ratio

Wagner epoxy resin gun

This dynamic heat gun (HT1000) is equipped with a dual temperature management system. It offers a variable heat output ranging from 750 degrees Fahrenheit and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

This variety enables users to adjust heat according to the nature of the projects. It facilitates carrying out multiple home improvement projects (softening paints, caulking, wire shrinking, adhesive settlement, blending plastic pipes, loosening tightened nuts, etc.)

using Wagner heat gun on epoxy resin craft paintings

The Wagner heat gun has a sturdy corrosion-resistant nozzle. The supreme quality of a nozzle provides exceptional durability and enhances the overall functioning of a tool.

An integrated hook also allows users to easily hang it without any inconvenience.

Well, integrated stand ensures the safety of users and significantly allows a hands-free operation.

It keeps the burning hot nozzle of the heat gun at a reasonable distance and does not allow it to touch the work surface.


  • Lightweight due to rugged and high-impact plastic body
  • The integrated stand offers a hands-free operation
  • Intricately designed to produce less noise
  • Dual temperature management system
  • Sturdy nozzle (corrosion resistant)
  • Highly recommended for crafters, professionals, DIY enthusiasts


  • The power button needs to be held for a few seconds

5. PORTER-CABLE Heat Gun: Best Budget Pick

Porter Cable resins

This classy heat gun has a breathtaking design and color. It comes in an exceptionally solid shape that speaks for the sturdiness of a tool.

PORTER-CABLE heat gun while running on 1500 watts delivers high heat. It is equipped with multiple fan settings that further add to its versatility.

 A dual speed selector allows users to adjust their temperature requirements with high and low fan speed settings.

The fan setting 1 provides an airflow of 10-11 CFM with a temperature range between 120-900 degrees. Fan setting 2 allows airflow of 16-19 CFM with the temperature ranging between 130-1150 degrees.

The said heat gun has an amazing integrated support stand as well. It provides extra comfort during projects and lets users enjoy hands-free operation.

PORTER-CABLE claims to provide a 90-day money-back guarantee, free service for 1 year, and a limited warranty of 3 years.


  • Lightweight
  • Much less noisy
  • Budget-friendly
  • Recommended for DIY enthusiasts and professionals


  • Heat level dial is a bit awkward to use
  • No case and accessories included

6. Makita: Economical Epoxy Resin Heat Gun Kit


This heat gun kit includes a 3/8’’ glass protection nozzle, a 3/8’’ wide slot nozzle, a 3/8’’ reflector nozzle, a 3/8’’ reduction nozzle, and a tool case.  

The sturdy heat gun is reported to be one of the best options for various industrial applications. Its functions may include thawing frozen pipes, waxing and dewaxing, re-melting adhesives, reshaping plastic pipes, sheets, and much more.

This sturdy heat gun is lightweight and has a solid design. It comes with a rubberized pistol grip handle that reduces manual fatigue.

For added depth and comfort, the tool is made to support the gun in an ‘’up’’ position by an integrated rear stand.  Also, it has a built-in tether notch, a mechanism to control overheating, and a 6.6 ft. cord.

Having a 2000W, this strong heat gun has a precise temperature control system. It works on the push button mechanism and regulates the temperature range from 122 degrees Fahrenheit to 1202 degrees Fahrenheit.

The tool also comes with an advanced slide switch that helps regulate the airflow mechanism. It provides three options for the adjustments of heat and blower speeds. This feature enables users to adjust the heat gun according to their needs.


  • Compatible with various nozzles
  • Ergonomic pistol handle
  • Variable temperature control
  • Airflow control switches
  • Almost no noise


  • Needs an extension cord (sometimes)

7. DEWALT Heat Gun with LCD Display: Heavy-Duty Pick

Dewalt epoxy gun

DEWALT undoubtedly rules the charts when it comes to quality, performance, versatility, and value for money. This amazing heat gun comes with an LCD display and a hard case accessory kit.

It allows users to adjust temperatures (within 50-degree increments) as per the needs of the projects.

LCD on DeWALT heat gun for measuring temps

This sturdy heat gun has built-in overload protection that keeps the heating elements under control and prevents any sort of burning.

It also comes with a built-in hang ring. This feature allows users to work freely with added comfort and convenience.

The ergonomic grip of this heat gun is super easy on the hands. It enables users to perform their long and tedious jobs without any fear of pain and fatigue.

This supremely designed heat gun has a built-in kickstand as well. The stand makes room for greater stability and prevents any structural or operational malfunctioning.


  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • LCD display light
  • 3 years limited warranty
  • Corded heat gun
  • Longer cord length


  • A bit expensive

8. Worx MAKERX Mini Heat Gun: A Compact Pick

small heatgun expoxy resin

This amazing heat gun boasts multiple qualities and claims to be a complete package when it comes to selecting the most versatile heat gun. It is equipped with a quick heat-up mechanism.

The device is reported to deliver within a few instants of startup and warms up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in no time.

It is specially designed to manage the accurate flow and direction of heat. The narrow focus nozzle enables users to handle it with much ease and perfection. 

This intricate feature makes this heat gun one of the best choices for detailed, intriguing, and small projects like arts and crafts works, etc.

The ergonomic grip of the tool contributes to its easy handling and is super easy on the hands. Its built-in cradle helps to hold the nozzle away from work surfaces and ensures more depth to tool security.

Together these features make it easy for professionals and DIY enthusiasts to handle and maneuver the tool for long and tedious work hours.


  • Flexible power cord
  • Ideal for art and crafts projects
  • Only heat gun of portable power (20 V)
  • A 4-foot cord ensures freedom to move during the project
  • Multipurpose 


  • Bare tool only
  • Batteries not included
  • Not suitable for mega projects

9. Metabo HPT 18V MultiVolt™ Cordless Heat Gun: A Reliable Option


This cordless heat gun is a breath of fresh air in the enigma of cords and cables. It is equipped to provide exceptional heat ranging from 86 to 1022 degrees Fahrenheit.

The specialized temperature management and control system works to adjust it in 18-degree Fahrenheit increments. This amazing feature allows users to adjust the required temperature as per the needs of the projects.

Illuminated LCD display not only adds to the beauty of the tools but also serves as a multipurpose screen.

It allows facilitated adjustments of temperature for various projects. Also, it works as a battery indicator and keeps the user updated regarding battery life, etc.

This fairly rated tool has heat and air management systems. It offers two stages for the adjustment of heat and desired fan speed during various projects. The tool also comes with a nozzle ejector, which can be removed without any contact.


  • Illuminated LCD display
  • Ergonomic grip with increased flexibility
  • Award-winning tool for cordless heat guns
  • Convenient and cordless


  • Nothing to say yet.

Here, we have reviewed some of the high-quality resin heat guns for you. Few of them are job specific while most of them are multi-purpose tools. Make sure to grab the one that best suits your budget and perfectly gets the job done for you.

Precautions Regarding Epoxy Heat Guns

  1. Do not try to touch the nozzle of a heat gun with bare hands.
  2. Always make sure to have a safe and stable electric connection.
  3. Take care of your workspace and make the most use of Kickstand. Do not mindlessly drop it anywhere. It may burn the work table.
  4. Adjust the temperature with the regulator and avoid overheating.

Here is a detailed heat gun advisory guide from Princeton University to follow.

How We Tested These Heat Guns

Well, we have a hardware store nearby, so we thought of paying a visit there to find out which heat guns serve best for epoxy resin surfaces. The local hardware store has samples of different surfaces that you can use to test your heat gun.

Testing DeWALT heat gun in store

The image above is the real test image of DeWALT’s cordless heat gun used in the store.

Also Read About How to Use Heat Gun on A Resin Surface


1 – Why do you need a heat gun for resin?

 This question keeps haunting the minds of resin artists. The budding artists who are quite innovative are generally a lot more open to experimentation when it comes to their resin art.

However, old artists find it difficult to accept new tools for the same old jobs. Here are the reasons why a heat gun is a better option than a hair dryer or a propane torch,

  • It has a dynamic temperature management system
  • Extremely handy and super comfortable to use
  • Consistent heat and temperature flow systems
  • A lot more secure option to avoid injuries etc.

2 – How heat helps in getting rid of bubbles in resin art?

Heat guns help to push the resin material all over the surface without creating any coercive pressure. It evenly spreads the material and helps in making resin cells.

3 – Are heat guns indispensable for resin arts?

Heat guns can’t be regarded as indispensable for resin arts but it is experimented, tested, and pretty safe to say that they make a considerable difference in the whole process. That definitely makes them a must-have tool for resin artists.

4 – Is there any alternative to a heat gun?

Artists claimed that butane or a propane torch can be a fair substitute for a heat gun to be used in resin art.

5 – Can I use any other heat-supplying tool for the resin art?

It’s never safe to use insecure, unhandy, and unprofessional methods to get the job done.

6 – Why a hair dryer can’t be used for a heat gun?

A hairdryer cannot be a good option as a heat gun for the following reasons,

  • It is reported to be less efficient when it comes to removing bubbles.
  • It takes longer than usual to spread and dry the resin.
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