15 Best Nail Pullers of 2023 [For Any Project]

From the people directly dealing with the tools daily to the ones rarely opening their kits, the nail puller is a must-have item for all. This simple tool makes it easy for people to do a lot of work in seconds that otherwise takes quite a time.

To bring out the large deep dug nail out of anything, to un attach the parts, to quickly undo the pins, nail pullers are there for you to do whatever you want. But the problem lies in the selection of the right one. Can any nail puller be as good for you as it is for your neighbor? Probably not.

The one suitable for your work will only be the one suitable for you. So here we have tried to introduce you to one of the best nail pullers you can have. Check them out and pick the right one for you.

Top 15 Best Nail Pullers for Small & Large Nails

Here is the list of top picks from our side

1. Bates- Nail Puller | Simple & Best

best nail pullers plier 2020

The 7” tool made up of carbon and having the dimensions of 9.4*3.2*0.5 inches is an absolute champ to be in your kit. The soft plastic coated grip makes it easy to handle. Its dual nipple plier not only brings out the nails with ease but can be used even to cut the nails. Moreover, this is an ideal nail puller to dig out large nails pretty easily.

The use of carbon in its making adds more durability to its life and makes it suitable to use for quite a long time. It requires no batteries and can be used anytime, anywhere.

  • dual function ( puller plus cutter)
  • durable metallic (carbon) body
  • the soft grip makes it easy to handle
  • no battery required.
  • size not suitable for average nails.
  • not good leverage.
  • the easy grip makes it slippery (sometimes)
  • a little bit expensive for normal use.

2. Crescent Nail Puller Pliers for Large Nails

deniailers reviews

It will not be wrong to term this item as one of the best nail pullers we have in our lot. An 11” iron made tool can help to take out nails from front and rear sides with much ease and perfection.

The dual handle makes it easy for the user to hold it and operate. It can work best for the nails without heads even. Furthermore, the use of iron in its primary structure, and the coating of rubble on the handle increases its durability as well.

  • can work on both sides of the wood (front and back)
  • unlimited flexibility
  • durable
  • quick and easy grip
  • lightweight
  • does not have a good leverage
  • steep learning curve.
  • twists nails.
  • hard for nails against ceilings and floor corners
  • hard to pull off pallet nails

3. Estwing Pro Claw Nail Puller with Forged Steel & No-Slip Cushion Grip

puller for pallets

This 9” steel pry bar is a professional tool. Good leverage, rounded head for extra torque, and an ability to draw headless nails without causing much damage to the wood makes it a must-have item for every carpenter’s pouch. Its design helps you to get easy access to hard to reach places.

The presence of a durable and comfortable vinyl grip improves the overall handling of the tool and helps you to get the desired results.

  • sharp and suitable design of teeth
  • compact and easy to position in difficult areas
  • suitable for small nails
  • length(9”) may not be suitable for all
  • not so good for 10 mm wire nails
  • the claw is not wide enough for 16p farming nails.

4. Estwing Handy Claw Nail Puller with Vinyl Cushion Grip

nail puller pliers

The next champ with added length in the Estwing lot is the sturdy steel  10” nail puller. A perfect nail puller for professional hands that offers excellent leverage and added torque due to its curved shape.

A broader claw is specially designed to remove headless and damaged nails with almost negligible wood damage. The notch helps in establishing a firmer grip on the nail while the curve on the bottom facilitates to dig it out with ease.

The beautifully designed vinyl grip enables the user to have a firm grip and facilitates the processing.

  • claw suitable for large nails.
  • vinyl cushion helps to operate even without gloves
  • best to work in tight areas
  • tips may get twisted
  • professional hands required for best operation.

5. Gunpla Carpenters Pincers Cutting Pliers Nail Puller

best nail puller tool

A mind-blowing tool of 8” made with high premium carbon and polished steel for durability. It is undoubtedly a well designed and affordable tool.

On top of that, the dual function of this tool offers the removal as well as the cutting of the large and small nails.

Similarly, the comfortable grip allows you to work for hours without tiring your hands, and the smooth rounded shape is broad enough to reach any desired place of action.

  • good to work on fragile asbestos sidings
  • works best for regular nails
  • sharp and aligned jaws
  • work well for solid and heavy construction
  • comfortable and handy
  • not side cutters.
  • cutting requires a lot of pressure
  • not a great cutter

6. Stanley Nail Puller – Chisel Scraper

best nail puller bar

A fantastic chisel scraper is made up of high carbon steel. The uniquely designed and polishes claws allow the precise pulling and prying off the nail with the desired perfection and comfort.

It is specially treated for increased durability and safety to let you have a safe and enjoyable working experience. The thin chisel helps you to go between the walls and baseboards.

  • sharp prying edge
  • durable, quicker, and a good grip
  • fits well in smaller places
  • wide flat end has a very steep angle.

7. Estwing Nail Puller with Wedge Claw End

nail pullers for deck

Although forged and designed for hard labour yet easy to handle and work, this tool has well-aligned ends. It is astonishingly strong and durable.

The double-ended bar has precise and sharp claws, which are extremely helpful to remove the deep-lying, damaged, twisted, and headless nails with the desired perfection.

In addition, the thin claws have been designed with much care to give you easy access to hard to reach places. Moreover, extra leverage due to its rounded head makes it one of the best nail pullers in your kit.

  • exceptional grip on the nail
  • no bending
  • handy and durable
  • well aligned and sharp claws
  • little leverage with straight end

8. Vaughan & Bushnell Bear Claw Nail Puller

best plier puller tools

A ten and a half-inch nail puller that is made up of forged and tempered steel is a choice of many carpenters, workers and tool organizers.

The product made in the USA has a flat claw, which provides excellent leverage and almost zero damage to the wood. In addition to this, it has a rust-resistant body, which surely makes it a durable tool in your kit.

The friendly, narrow, and sharp edges help in reaching the tight spaces and work best for easy removal of nails with accuracy.

  • good for tight and narrow spaces
  • cheap and durable
  • perfect size for most of the tasks
  • size may not be suitable for some roofing nails.

9. Dead On Tools Exhumer Nail Puller

Top nail pullers

This nail pulling tool, with its unique style, striking silver colour, and impressive functionality, is undoubtedly one of the best nail pullers of the time. It is 10-5/8 inches in length offers a circular saw wrench and a handy bottle opener at the same time.

Each side is designed to remove the nails and to pull out a deep sunken nail with ease and comfort.

  • excellent to be used for demolition
  • works best even in tight spots
  • claws remain intact for a longer time.
  • recommended for common nails and 2 1/4 s nails.
  • not good leverage for 4” nails
  • not suitable to use on duplex spikes.

10. Crescent Adjustable Pry Bar with Nail Puller

Best quality nail puller

If you are looking for the best nail puller tool for deck removal,  this champ is the right one for you.

This 16” adjustable tool has well-aligned jaws that tend to have a good grip on the nails for smooth pulling and straightening. Its crowbar end with a nail puller bar.

A beautifully designed hammerhead surface and large adjustable claws provide a user with proper and desired leverage.

  • wonderful adjustable angle
  • extra width between the forks
  • recommended for deck removal
  • handy and easy to use
  • good for demolition only
  • doesn’t go well with the boards less than 3/4” thick

11. Shark CORP Hardened Steel Alloy Nail Pullers

Cheap nail pullers


It is an ideal hardened steel alloy nail puller to remove twisted, rusted, deeply embedded and headless nails.

The tool undergoes an advanced tempering method to increase its durability, to avoid opening of its slots and to make it sturdy and reliable.

The combination of shark claw and hammer helps to pull out farming. It also helps in roofing, and other thin headed nails without damaging them.

Its durable and hard steel body can bring out the hardest of nails with much ease and perfection.

  • the durable, tough, and solid tool
  • works best for farming nails
  • a good grip with little muscle
  • no nail damage
  • smaller in size

12. Welldoit Tack Puller For Hard to Remove Nails

hard to remove nails pullers

These simple-looking nail pullers are of much importance when it comes to regular daily use. Made up of chrome vanadium steel alloy, they offer good leverage and a comfortable grip to the user.

It is highly recommended as one of the best ones to remove hard nails in the farming projects, removing tack strips, automotive repairs, and staples. A reliable and sturdy structure enhances its durability and secure handling.

  • best for tear down projects
  • recommended for pulling staples, brads and small nails
  • cheap, durable and handy
  • works well in very tight spaces
  • size not suitable for all
  • good with tacks only

13. Packs Tack Lifter U Tip Nail

durable quality pliers

An excellent and desirable pack of three nail pullers offers durability due to the use of corrosion-resistant quality metal in its processing.

This staple works best for removing hard nails from furniture, floor, roof, walls, etc.

It is designed per the worker’s needs; the pullers have a proper length, compact and suitable shape to be used for tire nails, carpentry nails and to remove the tacks without damaging the material.

  • affordable
  • multi-functional
  • sturdy, durable and handy
  • not suitable for very long nails
  • not suitable for a very tight pry nail

14. Crescent Molding Removal Pry Bar

moulding work nail pullers

This beautifully designed tool with a striking look and exceptional leverage makes it one of the best ones among all the nail pullers. It is crafted with much accuracy, precision, and care.

This tool has a unique nail pulling power. This nail puller can easily take out large and small nails. The sharp and well-aligned claws at both ends make it easy to pull out hard nails and provide easy access to the point of application.

The use of corrosion-resistant material in its processing makes it a durable and sturdy tool.

  • excellent leverage due to its exceptional length
  • best for molding work
  • fits well in small and tight places
  • not good for refinishing
  • not suitable for staples

15. Stanley Claw Bar

Best nail pullers Lshaped

A striking silver tool made up of forged high carbon steel alloy is considered as an ideal tool for prying and pulling nails with precision and comfort.

The technically designed flat face of the tool allows its sharp and polished claws to reach hard, tight and small places and extract deeply embedded nails without causing much damage to the wood.

  • solid, sturdy and handy
  • good leverage’
  • lightweight and inexpensive
  • size may not be suitable for all
  • need extra care to handle because of very pointed and sharp tips

Final Words

Finally, here we have tried to introduce you all with few best nail pullers you can have in your kits and pouches. But before winding it up, one thing that needs to be cleared is the specificity of tools.

Every tool has its pros and cons, and that’s what makes all of them unique and must-haves. One tool excellent for one hand or one job may not even be satisfactory for the other.

On top of that, you need to weigh the options and select the one that is most suitable for your job because only you can choose the perfect one for yourself. Enjoy the list, and let us know your favorite ones.


Which nail puller will be ideal for me?

Well, an exact answer to this question is that the one which you can use with ease and perfection and the one suitable for your job is the ideal one for you.

How to determine that the tool is suitable for the job?

It’s a common problem faced by so many workers. We would recommend you consider the nature of the job and the specifications of the tool you are going to use.

The parallel analysis of these two factors will surely help you to pick the best one for you.

Does the selection of tools really matters?

It matters a lot if you are a professional worker. for small, tight and hard places, only those tools can work better that are designed to work in such conditions.

The same goes for the tools designed for large wide and open places. The tool works best only when it is applied to a suitable place of action.

Does all the nail pullers damage the wood?

An honest reply to that is yes. all the nail pullers damage the wood to some extent. But there are nail pullers that cause minimal damage to the wood and work exceptionally well.

What other works can be done using a nail puller?

Well, there are no limitations to the human mind’s creativity. One can use it for many other purposes. But technically, some nail pullers are designed to perform multi-function tasks.

Some could be used as hammers, nail pryers, nail cutters, scrapers, and pullers at the same time.

What makes a nail puller durable?

Most probably the material. There are nail pullers that seem quite expensive, but they worth their cost because of their reliable and durable nature.

Always check for the material used in its processing. That’s what makes it a permanent champ.

Can it be used to pull staples?

Some nail pullers can pull both the staples and nails with perfection. So yes.

Does the length of a nail puller matter?

YES, it does. The different lengths of the nail pullers provide different leverages that affect the overall work and process.

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