VARSK vs Saker Contour Gauge – Which One to Choose

A VARSK contour gauge and a Saker contour gauge are both tools used for taking an impression or a “template” of a surface’s profile or shape. They are typically used in woodworking and metalworking for measuring and transferring irregular shapes or curves.

Both the VARSK and Saker contour gauges consist of a series of metal or plastic pins that can be pressed against the surface being measured. The pins conform to the shape of the surface and create a “template” of the profile that can then be transferred or used as a reference for duplicating the shape.

The main difference between the two brands is likely to be in the quality and durability of the materials used and the specific design features of each product.

VARSK Contour Gauge

VARSK is an American brand known for making high-quality contour gauges. Based in NYC, the company specializes in home improvement tools since 2018. The 10-inch contour gauge from VARSK is ideal for contouring wood, concrete, tiles, carpet, and other DIY projects at home or workshop.

VARSK contour gauge
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VARSK makes use of a metal locking mechanism in its products, which makes them more durable as compared to plastic locks. Moreover, this allows you to transfer the shape from one place to another without any changes.

Moreover, VARSK makes use of high-quality plastic pins, which prevents degradation over time. Also, you’ll never have to worry about the plastic pins being too loose or too tight when sliding them, especially after using the contour gauge multiple times in different DIY projects.

One drawback of this product is that is made of plastic, the thin fins can easily flex apart when gauging rounded shapes and may need to be manually squeezed back together to keep them straight.

This tool is sufficient for my occasional use, but if I were still doing Home Improvement flooring as I did for 10 years, I would probably invest in a more durable and expensive option if I needed to use a contour gauge frequently.

The plastic slats tend to bend when pressed against angled or rounded surfaces, which can cause them to spread apart. However, considering the low price of the tool, this is something I am willing to accept.

It’s worth noting that the measurements taken with this tool may not always line up perfectly, and you may need to adjust them manually to ensure accuracy, especially on more rounded corners. Despite this, the tool has proven to be very helpful in the vast majority of situations in which it has been used.

Saker Contour Gauge

Saker contour gauges are typically used in woodworking and metalworking, and they are an essential tool for anyone working with irregular or curved shapes. Saker is a well-known Chinese brand in the world of contour gauges, and their products are known for their durability and accuracy.

Saker Contour gauge compared with VARSK contour gauge
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Saker contour gauge is a tool used for measuring and transferring the shape or profile of irregular surfaces. It consists of a series of metal or plastic pins that can be pressed against the surface being measured, and the pins conform to the shape of the surface, creating a “template” of the profile that can then be transferred or used as a reference for duplicating the shape.

This product stands out from its competitors in that it has a lock to hold the teeth in place after taking a measurement, allowing for easy tracing of the resulting line with a pencil. The tension on the teeth is strong enough to maintain its shape until the lock is engaged, preventing them from moving around unnecessarily.

The aluminium lock is secure and the overall construction of the tool is sturdy, despite being primarily made of plastic.

Although I do wish the teeth were slightly longer, I am otherwise very satisfied with this product and would recommend it for anyone in need of measuring irregular angles

Saker Vs. VARSK Contour Gauge – The Main Difference

Overall, both the Saker and VARSK contour gauges are made up of high-quality ABS plastic and have a locking mechanism. However, the Saker contour gauge is $10 cheaper as compared to the VARSK contour gauge of the same size.

Which One to Go With, Saker or VARSK?

If you are low on budget and need a contour gauge for DIY home projects, then it’s better to go with a Saker contour gauge instead of VARSK. But if you are a professional who often deals with contouring complex irregular surfaces, then the VARSK contour gauge is a long-lasting option to go with.

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