Top 11 Best Colloidal Silver Generators in 2024

Colloidal silver solutions have remained the center of attention for so many people before the era of antibiotics. They were believed to work efficiently and effectively against so many deadly diseases, including tuberculosis, cancer, HIV, etc.

They were used by a lot of people at different times and always gave splendid results. Now with the help of a colloidal silver solution, one can go for one of the following two ways.

The first is to buy the already prepared colloidal silver solution from the market. And the second is to prepare it at home with the desired ppm, ease, and perfection. Homemade colloidal silver generators with power plugs are cost-effective and efficient in the long term.

To make a colloidal silver solution at home, you need the most effective colloidal silver generator. The generator adds the invisible flakes of silver into the distilled water to make the perfect solution.

At the end of this guide, you will be on your way to making a fresh batch of silver within your lab or home.

10 Best Colloidal Silver Generators

Our Top 3 Picks Name Reasons to Buy Price
1. Commerical Collodial SIlver Generator One Quart Nano Particle Makes 10ppm silver in 3 hours

Check Price
Generator for Sillver production at home or commerical Compact EZ-2 Deluxe Makes 5 ppm silver in 32 minutes
Automatic on/off mode
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Ionic silver generator Ionic DIY HOME Kit High-quality build Check Price

Here is a list of some of the best colloidal silver generators. Go through them and pick the one that’s best for you

1. One Quart Nano Particle – Overall Best-Rated Silver Generator

1. Commerical Collodial SIlver Generator

The solid and intricately designed package includes 1 colloidal silver generator. In addition to this, it has one pair of 6’’ 12 gauge pure silver rods, a scruvoltabber, an instruction manual, and a carrier bag.

Furthermore, It can produce one quart of the highly charged and pure solution of 10 ppm in three hours.

The specifications like bubble stirring and superior aeration technology ensure the production of highly microscopic particles. This makes it one of the top-rated colloidal generators to use at home.

Overall, this is one of the best kits for making high-quality colloidal silver at your home or lab.

  • Made in the USA.
  • Bubble stirring with effective aeration technology
  • Discrete components
  • Sturdy and durable
  • No fragile integrated circuit chips.
  • White powder builds up on silver rods (sometimes).
  • Not a clear instruction manual.

2. Compact EZ-2 Deluxe – A Reliable 5 ppm Silver Generator

Ionic pulser for silver

This compact package comes with 6-inch 14 gauge 99.99% pure silver wires. It has a power supply with a thermometer, vinyl case, and digital timer.

Along with that, it has detailed photographic instructions, a spoon, and a plastic scrubber.

These are believed to provide 32 Oz of fresh 5 ppm colloidal silver in 32 minutes.

Furthermore, the unit comes with a 24-volt colloidal silver generator that can make a fresh and adequately charged silver solution by using just 120-volt AC households. 

It automatically turns ON and OFF with immersion and with a drawl of silver wires in the water. Overall, it’s an affordable and durable colloidal silver kit for making your own solution at home.

  • No issue in the positioning and installation of cords and clips.
  • Strong and firm silver wires
  • Detailed and thoroughly tested timing chart.
  • It has a powerful germicidal effect.
  • The thermometer comes in mediocre quality
  • The machine is reported to work best at 10ppm only.

3. Ionic DIY HOME Kit – High-Quality Silver Colloidal Generator Equipment

how to make your own DIY kit for silver

The kit comes with two 6-inch pieces of (99.99%) silver wire, and a power source (12 volts). And a TDS  meter for analyzing the purity of water.

It has a laser pointer to keep the Tyndall effect under consideration, cleaning pads, filters, and a cold carrying case.  

Distilled water and a jar are coupled with this kit. It can help you make the desired solution from a few ounces to gallons in no time.

  • Reasonable and affordable
  • Highly recommended for beginners
  • Excellent taste with maximum health benefits
  • Quality deal with fast delivery
  • Instruction pamphlet is missing in some kits
  • Ionic particles can be visible sometimes
  • It does not include automatic stirrer

4. Compact Combo-2 Deluxe Ionic Pulser – Economy Kit Silver Generator

homemade colloidal silver generator using power plug

This combo of two generators comes with extraordinary features, which surely makes it one of the best silver colloidal generators. The package is a combination of plugins and rechargeable battery units. 

This 27 volts highly desired generator can create 32 Oz of 5 ppm colloidal solution in just 32 minutes.

The package is smart and innovatively designed to ease technical and installation problems. The installation only requires the proper positioning of wires with a 120-volt AC outlet.  

It has a fully-tested timing chart, which can make 5-40 ppm colloidal silver. It produces one of the best colloidal silver ppm as compared to other products on our list.

The package needs no meters, laser pointers, or TDS meters in the installation or processing of the generator.

The generator can easily be turned ON/OFF with the simple immersion/withdrawal of silver wires.

  • It makes an exceptional solution with desired effects.
  • It is affordable and highly effective.
  • Very easy to install and operate
  • Accurate and precisely designed for consistent concentrations
  • Instructions are a little hard to understand.
  • Package has thin wires.

5. Compact EZ-1 Deluxe Colloidal Silver for Micropulsing

colloidal bubbler generator silver

This fantastic EZ-1 package is portable (not a plug-in unit) and a battery-driven unit.

The kit requires three standard 9-volt batteries (not included) to produce 32 oz of 5 ppm colloidal silver. In addition to this, the 27-volt generator has a fully-tested timing chart that requires no meters, lasers, or TDS meters.

All you need is to position the batteries, wires, and screws in the covers following the instructions available in the package. The cables have a firm grip on the push-button ports and the setup.

It provides company and well-clamped silver wires without any fumbling. The setup could be turned ON/OFF with a simple change in the positioning of silver wires.

  • Solid product with efficient operation.
  • Worth its cost
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Compact and smaller in size
  • Thin silver pieces
  • No batteries included

6. Compact EZ-2 Barebones Silver Generator with Gauge Wires

colloidal silver generator how to make

This simple package includes the machine, a pair of silver wires, and a detailed instruction kit.

It is portable and easy to operate the plug-in unit. The generator is intricately designed to provide 32 Oz of fresh five ppm colloidal silver solution in just 32 minutes.

The generator has a complete photographic instruction kit coupled with a fully-tested timing chart. It helps to make a five ppm to 40 ppm colloidal silver solution. The package requires no meters, laser pointers, or TDS meters.

The installation of the package is straightforward and easy—just plug-in of the machine into 120 volt AC household outlets.

The proper positioning of silver wires is enough to prepare the desired solution for you.

The generator has firm gripping push-button ports which avoid the fumbling of cords and ensure smooth processing.

  • Solid and sturdy generator.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • The package has detailed instruction kit
  • Well-aligned parts.
  • Silver wires reported to turn white.
  • Thin wires
  • No batteries included.

7. Compact Combo – Heavy-Duty Colloidal Silver Generator

heavy duty colloidal silver generator

This fantastic package comes with the machine, the instruction kit, and a pair of 9999 silver wires.  The box has features like plugins and rechargeable battery units. 

Though batteries are not included in the package, just in case you don’t want to buy them, the solution can be made even without rechargeable batteries. 

The silver generator consumes a 27-volt unit to create fresh and desired 32 oz. of 5 ppm colloidal silver in 32 minutes. 

A photographic instruction kit, coupled with a fully-tested timing chart, provides every desired detail to make 5 ppm to 40 ppm colloidal silver. 

The strong and firm grip of silver wires in the push-button ports. It requires a 120-volt AC outlet to make the solution.

This package has an easy assembly, installation, and operation procedure. This makes it one of the best colloidal silver generators.

  • It does not need meters, lasers, and TDS meters.
  • The package is fast, effective, and time-saving.
  • It is an affordable and least expensive package.
  • It works least with a wall power adaptor.
  • Batteries not included.

8. Make Colloidal Generator DIY Combo Kit

Home Made DIY Colloidal Silver Generator

This portable generator is easy to install and operate. At room temperature, it can make approximately six ppm solution using 8 ounces of water in 15 minutes. It can work best without an electrical outlet.

This makes it easy to carry and can work everywhere by using three 9-volt batteries.

The package comes with an instruction kit to assemble and operate it. The high quality and pure silver wires with more surface area make it a durable colloidal generator.

  • A portable generator.
  • It does not need any electrical outlets.
  • Small in size and easy to carry.
  • Unclear directions in the kit.

9. Atlasnova 12 Gauge Colloidal Generator with AC Power

Simple DIY home kit for producing silver

Innovatively designed in the USA, this generator is made up of 12 gauge pure 9999 silver wires. The generator is capable of producing smaller particles and an obvious colloidal solution.

It can prepare up to 16 ounces of a pure colloidal solution having a strength of 10 ppm in 4 to 5 hours.

The package comes with a detailed instruction kit regarding the assembly and operation of the generator.

  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Works without batteries
  • Takes long hours to prepare the solution (4-5 hours)

10. Colloidal Silver Generator Home DIY Kit

which colloidal silver generator is the best

A simple but promising generator has two 14’’ wires with alligator clips, 1 polycarbonate silver wire holder, two 6’’ 12 gauge 99.99% pure silver wires, 1 scrubbing meter, and 1 TDS meter.

It is a cost-friendly generator that can prepare a colloidal solution with small particles. On top of that, the current limiting resistor is there at the positive wire to keep the particle size at the minimum possible size. 

The piece of polycarbonate helps to provide a firm grip to the silver wires.

  • It makes the solution for having small particles.
  • An affordable kit with amazing specifications.
  • Easy to carry and operate.
  • TDS meter included.
  • Makes a solution with small particles (smaller, the better).
  • Batteries not included.
  • Jar not included.
  • Takes long hours to prepare the solution (3-5 hours).

11. Hope & Health Colloidal Silver Generator Kit

silver generator ionic pulser

This fantastic colloidal silver generator package comes with a generator, two 6’’ .9999 silver wires(14 gauge). It has a scrub pad to help you keep the silver wires clean and ready to use.

The generator is innovatively designed to provide 20 gallons of colloidal silver with just one pair of silver wires.

The package comes with a complete instruction kit to help assemble, install, and operate the generator without any difficulty.

  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Reliable and makes high quality solution
  • Affordable and effective
  • The size of the wires may not be suitable for all jars.
  • The solution has a couple of visible flakes (sometimes).

Factors to Consider Before Buying Silver Colloidal Generator

Here are some key factors to consider:

  1. Quality of Construction and Materials: Look for generators made from high-quality materials that are safe and durable. Check if the electrodes are made of pure silver, as impurities can affect the quality of the colloidal silver produced.
  2. Generator Type: There are two main types: constant current and constant voltage generators. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Research which type suits your needs better.
  3. Purity and Particle Size: Research the generator’s ability to produce colloidal silver with small particle sizes, as smaller particles are generally considered more effective. Some generators offer ways to control the particle size, which can be beneficial.
  4. Colloidal Silver Concentration: Check if the generator allows you to control the concentration of the colloidal silver solution produced. Different concentrations might be needed for different applications

Precautions to Take When Making Colloidal Silver in A Generator

  1. Use Distilled Water: Always use distilled water to ensure the purity of the final colloidal silver solution. Tap water or impure water sources can introduce contaminants that affect the quality of the colloidal silver.
  2. Clean Equipment: Make sure all equipment, including the electrodes, container, and stirring utensils, are thoroughly cleaned and free from any residue or contaminants before starting the process.
  3. Avoid Metal Containers: Use glass containers for the production process, as metal containers can react with the silver and affect the quality of the colloidal silver solution.
  4. Avoid Direct Sunlight: The production process is usually done in a dimly lit or covered area to prevent exposure to direct sunlight, as UV radiation can alter the properties of the colloidal silver.
  5. Stirring: If your generator doesn’t have a built-in stirring mechanism, ensure that you stir the solution gently and consistently to promote an even distribution of the silver ions.
  6. Filtering: After the production process is complete, use a proper filtration method (such as a high-quality filter or filter paper) to remove any larger particles or impurities from the solution.

Final Words

So guys, here we’ve rounded up some of the best colloidal silver generators that can produce batches in less time as compared to the older models. The effectiveness of the colloidal silver generators has remained under bitter criticism for many years.

Many believe that they work exceptionally well against many viral, fungal, and bacterial infections.

Regular users have reported extraordinary improvements in their health and well-being. It shows that there is undoubtedly some truth associated with the healing qualities of the colloidal silver solution.

If you are also going to buy one, we have provided you with a list of the best ones. Choose the one that suits you the most. Also read about, how much voltage you need for making high-quality colloidal silver.


1-What is a colloidal silver solution?

Colloidal silver is a solution of invisible silver particles suspended in distilled water. It is often taken orally, injected in veins, and some products are applied or sprayed to the skin.

2- Why is the colloidal silver solution used?

The colloidal silver solution is used to treat various viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. They are believed to work best against the said issues and are claimed to have long-lasting effects on the person’s health and immune system.

3- Can colloidal silver solutions be used against viruses?

The colloidal silver solution is believed to work best against more than 650 pathogens, including viruses.

4- Can a colloidal silver solution be taken orally?

A large number of people prefer drinking colloidal silver solution orally as a dietary supplement.  However, some scientific researchers claim that oral administration of the silver solution may have some mild to severe problems.

5- What are the side effects of colloidal silver solution?

The most common side effect of the colloidal silver solution is argyria. It is the bluish-grey discoloration of the skin. Other side effects may include the weak absorption of certain drugs etc.

6-How to make your own Silver Colloidal Generator At Home?

Check out the video below

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